Allpacka Factory Participates in Agro-2022 International Exhibition in Tbilisi

The 20th International Agricultural, Food Industry, Packaging Equipment, and Technology Exhibition, Agro Food Drink Tech Expo 2022, opened on November 18th in Tbilisi at the ExpoGeorgia Exhibition Center.
Allpacka Factory Leadership International Exhibition Agro 2022 Tbilisi Georgia

The exhibition featured agricultural machinery, greenhouse equipment, irrigation systems, laboratory equipment, samples of seeds and planting material, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, packaging materials, and much more.

The event was organized by ExpoGeorgia Exhibition Center with the support of TBC Bank and TBC Leasing. According to the organizers, around 70 companies from 7 countries participated in the exhibition.

Allpacka Factory, which launched production in Kutaisi this year, also participated in the exhibition.

Allpacka Factory at Agro-2022 Boosting Agricultural Technologies and Innovations. Georgia, Crop Preservation, Economic Impact Tbilisi 2022

At the Allpacka Factory stand, consultations were held with Georgia's First Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Georgi Khaniashvili, regarding the creation of special support programs for Georgian farmers. The Allpacka Factory leadership is interested in the development and preservation of farmers' crops, which will impact the country's overall economic performance.