How We Increased Grape Yield by 4 Tons Using Protective Nets

Bachana Khalvashi, the owner of the large winery BINEKHI, shares how the company managed to significantly increase the grape harvest volume this year.

Challenges faced and how they were successfully addressed.

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Protecting Grapes from Birds

Previously, we addressed the bird protection issue using ultrasonic devices, but over time, they became ineffective.

Burns on the grapevines and damage from hail led to significant crop losses.

About BINEKHI Vineyard

BINEKHI is a company founded in the 1990s, bringing together a passion for winemaking and the fusion of Georgian traditions with modern technologies. Our product range, including premium-class red and amber wines, stands out for its unique taste and character.

Our annual production reaches approximately 300,000 bottles of wine made from local Georgian grape varieties.

ALLPACKA Nets Helped Protect the Harvest from Birds and Sun

Thanks to the use of shading nets, we successfully protected our harvest from birds and the scorching sun.

The Alpaca net prevents birds from penetrating the vineyards, preserving the berries and preventing damage.

Results of Using the Net

The results of using the net were very positive, allowing us to harvest a high-quality and abundant crop without significant losses from bird damage. Importantly, we harvested it on December 3rd for the first time!

Video Testimonial from BINEKHI Vineyard Owner

Bachana Khavashi, the director of the vineyard, talks about the challenges they were able to overcome with Alpaca specialists.

Special thanks to Alpaca company, and we wish them prosperity
- Bachana Khavashi, BINEKHI Vintner.

Statistics and Conclusions

In numerical terms, we obtained 4 tons more grapes compared to the previous year!

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