Allpacka - Opening of Production in Kutaisi

Allpacka Factory Opens Mesh Film Production in Kutaisi

Allpacka opening factory production line kutaisi

The company introduced a wide range of sunshades and anti-hail nets, as well as bags for vegetables for Georgian farmers, gardeners, and agrarians for the first time!

Our guests highly appreciated the quality of the products we manufacture and also expressed their concerns about issues in regions, such as the lack of quality goods at affordable prices and the annual changes in climatic conditions, which undoubtedly affect crop harvesting and storage.

Allpacka presentation production line factory kutaisi georgia

We are confident that the upcoming season will be more successful for farmers, gardeners, and agrarians because our anti-hail and sunshade nets will help protect and secure the harvest, and the mesh bag will allow for convenient transportation and storage of vegetables and fruits due to its ventilation properties.