Protective Netting Manufacturing

Our ALLPACKA factory produces shading nets for agriculture, protective nets for builders, protective barriers for roadwork, product nets, and more.

Explore our product range in the catalog, as well as solutions developed for our customers.

Our Advantages

Ready Solutions

We have already developed efficient working solutions for your needs.

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We manufacture and deliver products in the shortest possible time.

High Quality

We use modern equipment and quality materials in production.


Popular Products

Product Catalog

UV Protection

Our shading net provides reliable protection for plants from the harmful effects of sunlight. With shading options of up to 90%, your harvest will always be safe.

Protection from Pests

Protective nets also serve as reliable protection from hail, pests, and birds, preventing damage and crop loss.

Nets for Farmers

Construction Site Fencing

Our nets are used to fence and protect construction structures. Quickly assembled scaffolding reliably assists and protects workers.

Nets for Builders

Road Barrier Nets

Special nets for road fencing in case of accidents. Our products provide safety and protection for both pedestrians and drivers on the road. They are reliable and durable, designed to minimize risks and reduce potential accident consequences.

Nets for Roadwork

Product Nets for Vegetables and Fruits

Our nets are used in grocery stores and warehouses for packaging vegetables and fruits.

Product Nets